Yoga is a life-long practice for all ages that works with the body you have today. The practice of yoga has been linked to a variety of positive yoga health benefits. Scientific research has been completed showing how yoga can be effective medicine for a variety of health issues.

Yoga Health Benefits Are:


As we age, balance becomes an important part of health.  The best way to avoid health problems from falling is to avoid the fall in the first place!  In our classes, we practice balancing poses to help improve this crucial skill.

Bone Strength

To keep bones strong, we need to do weight bearing exercise.  In yoga, we do “standing poses”, bearing weight on the legs.   Read here for a study about yoga and osteoporosis:


To get the yoga health benefits of flexibility, you don’t need to be able to twist into a pretzel!  Yoga offers a safe way to maintain normal range of motion in the joints.  Our students have reported that adding yoga to their fitness routine has given them noticeable benefits in their other endeavors – biking, hiking and even rock-climbing!


Yoga poses engage the entire body.  While you might be stretching one part of the body, another part of the body is being called on for strength.  Yoga can enhance and build strength in the legs, arms and trunk.

Stress Relief

Yoga is a mindful practice.  In yoga class your teacher will be reminding you to pay attention – pay attention to the breath, to your physical body, and to your mental state.   All of this attention to the present moment is deeply stress relieving as the mind is asked to focus and be present.

Mood Improvement

Iyengar Yoga health benefits have been shown through various studies to be helpful in depression, improving mood and lessening fatigue.  Iyengar Yoga Therapeutics offers a useful website, where you can find papers on controlled scientific studies of yoga health benefits.

Yoga for Back Pain

Various studies have shown that Iyengar Yoga can be a cost-effective treatment for back pain.   Yoga can also help with other musculo-skeletal complaints.

Yoga for Arthritis

Yoga can be helpful for arthritis.  Here is a useful article about the benefits.

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